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The original fruit and vegetable peeler is still the best out there

Our automatic fruit peeler is used by leading processors in North America, Europe, and Asia. It works to increase yield significantly over hand peeling. It works to reduce labor costs and is designed for high-volume work. Even better, it's easy to operate and has a small footprint (30 inches by 24 inches).

Use it for any size fruit or vegetable including:

• Cantaloupe

• Honeydew

• Rutabaga

• Summer and butternut squash

• Mangoes

• Eggplant

• Papaya

• Jicama

• Pumpkins

• Pineapple

Here's what our peelers can do for you:

• Speeds up your production up to 7 pieces per minute.

• The maximum yield is achieved by following the contour of the item and a peeling depth adjustment.

• It works to adjust automatically to fruits and vegetables ranging from 5 inches to 13 inches in height and from 2 inches to 11.5 inches in diameter.

• Choosing from 7 preset speeds allows for product variation.

• It features stainless steel construction, total wash-down components, and an open design that allows you to easily and quickly clean and sanitize it.

• There's no protective equipment needed and its noise level is low.

• We use top-quality components including Allen-Bradley Micro Logix PLCs, Baldor inverter duty motors, and Toshiba variable frequency drives. These withstand even the harshest of conditions.

• The system is easy to clean using high-pressure, steam, or chlorinated water.

• Adjustment of the peeling blade or replacing it takes less than a minute to complete.

Trust in our 50 years of experience.  Field proven for many years, our Peelers have been proven to be very reliable

Contact us for a consultation on automatic fruit peelers:

We provide total customer service. Our peelers are very reliable, but electrical and mechanical devices may need attention at some time. Our staff is happy to help you. We  work directly with you to ensure that down time is minimal.


Additionally, we offer an extensive parts inventory that's available to ship immediately when needed. This includes all consumable parts such as peeling blades.