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Q. What are the overall machine specifications?


A. The Peeler's foot print is 30” wide X 24” deep. Width is 40” wide X 34” deep X 80” ± 2” tall. Weight is approximately 400 lbs. Shipping weight is approximately 600 lbs. [Back to Top]



Q. What method is used to fix the machinery to the floor?


A. Machines have adjustable levelers which have 2 holes for anchoring. [Back to Top]



Q. What is the cleanability of unit and frequency?


A. Pre-Pack peelers are Very easy to clean. Can be cleaned with high pressure, hot water and chlorinated water. Clean as needed, at least daily. [Back to Top]  



Q. What kind of steel is used for construction?


A. All stainless steel and delrin construction. No mild steel or painted parts. [Back to Top]



Q. What about instruction details and training?


A. The Peeler is shipped with step by step instructions for ease in installation. Training is quite minimal. Because of the simplicity of the Peeler, training is generally accomplished in 30 minutes. Factory field service engineer is available to supervise the installation and for training, if necessary. [Back to Top]



Q. Is there access to each side / rear of peeler?


A. No daily access is needed for the sides or rear of Peeler. The 24” X 24” enclosure that houses the motor inverters, air components, PLC, and main power relay is mounted on the top rear side of the Peeler. This area may need to be accessed for trouble shooting or parts replacement. [Back to Top]



Q. What is the noise level in operation?


A. The noise level is minimal. The majority of the noise is air exhausting through air mufflers, which, again is minimal.

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Q. What recommended protective equipment is required for safe operation? 


A. None needed. [Back to Top]



Q. What about flow of waste – What kind of equipment is needed to remove fruit peelings? 


A. A small conveyor to catch and convey the peelings is recommended. There is room below the peeling chamber to place a waste receptacle to catch peelings. The waste receptacle can be exchanged with an empty receptacle when the container is filled. [Back to Top]



Q. What is the electrical requirement?


A. The requirement is 4.5 amps of 208 / 230 single phase electricity and 50 / 60 hertz. [Back to Top]



Q. What is the air pressure requirement? 


A. Air requirements are 2 C.F.M. at 80 P.S.I. [Back to Top]



Q. What are the water requirements? 


A. Less than 4 gallons per hour at 40 P.S.I; female garden hose connector on the peeler. [Back to Top]


Q. What are the motor/controls consist of? 


A.They include: 1 Baldor ½ H.P. inverter duty motor, 1 Baldor ¾ H.P. inverter duty motor, 2 Toshiba variable frequency drives, 1 Allen Bradley electromechanical relay, 1 Allen Bradley Micro Logix P.L.C., and 3 Pepperl-Fuchs proximity sensors.

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Q. What about spare parts? What stock is needed and is it available? 


A. We stock all parts for the peeler. They are available for same day shipping. A recommended spare parts list is available.  

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Q. What is the maintenance schedule? 


A. Daily maintenance ensures that the lubricator is full and the drip rate is adjusted properly. The air filter should be checked and drained if necessary, and the cutting head assembly should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Replace cutting blade if necessary. Weekly, lubricate the bearings and check fasteners for tightness. [Back to Top]



Q. What fruit sizes can the Peeler handle?


A. Standard auto discharge maximum height: 12.5 inches by 10.0 inches; minimum height 5.0 inches by 2.5 inches; maximum diameter 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches; minimum diameter 1.5 inches. [Back to Top]




Q. What shape of fruit is most efficient? 


A. The most efficient are round, oblong, and pear shaped. The fruit does not have to be truly round because the cutting head follows the contour of the fruit. The fruit can be quite a bit "out of round" and be peeled quite well. For severely "out of round" fruit, the peeler should be operated at one of the slower 7 pre-set speeds. True round fruit can be peeled at fastest speeds.

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Q. What is the product yield?


A. Based on information from current users, yield on honeydew and cantaloupe varies between 50% and 65%. This variation is due to different size (count) melons, rind thickness and uniformity, size of seed cavity, and peeling depth set by the operator. Yields on watermelon vary from 55% to 63%.

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Q. What is the "throughput" of the peeler?


A. Up to 6 or 7 cantaloupes, honeydews, or pineapples per minute is common; 2 watermelons per minute. Highest throughput is achieved when the fruit is presented to the operator in a way that makes it easy for them to reach the product and load the peeler. The placing of the peeled melon should be conveniently located as well. [Back to Top]



Q. What is the availability/lead time?


A. Generally 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of an order. [Back to Top]



Q. What is the freight? 


A. F.O.B. Champaign, IL. [Back to Top]



Q. What is the warranty?


A. We provide 1 year on parts and workmanship. [Back to Top]


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