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Invest in our melon peeler with automatic discharge for ease

Trust in our skilled professionals for any fabrication you need. Our peeler is used by leading processors throughout North America, Europe, Australia, South America and Asia. This peeler will increase your yields significantly over hand peeling, and it's designed to handle high-volume work. It reduces your costs and is easy to operate. It even has a small footprint at 30 inches by 24 inches.

Check out the benefits it offers:

• Use it on cantaloupe and honeydew melons.

• Production speeds get up to 7 pieces per minute.

• It reaches maximum yield by following the contour of the fruit and adjusting to the depth as needed.

• It adjusts automatically to fruits and vegetables that are 2 inches to 10 inches in height and 2 inches by 11.5 inches in diameter.

• It features 7 preset speeds to allow for your various needs.

• It features stainless steel construction, total wash-down components, as well as an open design that makes cleaning fast and easy.

• We use high-quality Allen-Bradley Micro Logix PLCs, Baldor inverter duty motors, and Toshiba variable frequency drives that can handle harsh conditions.

• It has a low noise level and doesn't require the use of protective equipment.

• It's easy to clean using steam or chlorinated water.

Check out our melon peeler with automatic discharge

Count on 50 years of experience. Our original fruit and vegetable peeler is still the best in the fresh-cut industry.

Call us for a quote on our melon peeler with automatic discharge:


We enhanced our field-proven automatic melon peeler to further meet your needs. We added an automatic discharge feature to it that gently discharges the peeled melon. If you have a peeler dedicated to cantaloupe or honeydew, this feature is ideal.


By no longer requiring the operator to remove the peeled melon, one person can operate multiple peelers. The peeler sets the unpeeled melon onto a stainless steel ring and presses the two start buttons. The fruit is then peeled and discharged.


Our high-quality systems are very reliable and long lasting. You'll always get exceptional service from our staff as well.